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Japan charity auctions

I really don't know what to say about the disaster in Japan.
It's so easy to come off as trite when you're talking about something this heartbreaking and devastating.

I'm in awe of the Japanese people for the incredible compassion they're showing towards one another. In the world we live in, the fall into cynicism about human nature comes as easily as breathing. People who have lost everything are still willing to give, to show kindness and respect to one another; it's extraordinary and beautiful.

It's time for us to step up and do what we can to help them.
So many fantastic writers are donating their time and skills to these auctions.
Please go take a look.
This community has links to many excellent charities, including Second Harvest Japan, MercyCorps, Doctors without Borders, Shelterbox, UNICEF, and the Red Cross. If none of the auctions appeal to you, maybe one of these organizations will.

There will always be people and places in the world that need our help.
We can't fix everything.

It is written in the Talmud that "whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world." That passage has been quoted almost to the point of becoming cliche, but that doesn't make its words any less true.

5, 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars isn't much in the grand scheme of things.
but it's enough to give someone food, painkillers, clothes, and water
and you can't put a price on the the hope that comes along with the knowledge that a stranger cares enough to make a difference.


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