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Fanfic Master Post
enticing boy
The ABCs of Supernatural, a la the Gashlycrumb Tinies

Clicky clicky for the smutty smutty, Supernatural style.

See my schmoop bingo 2010 masterpost


Rebel Yell - With a rebel yell, Cas cries, "more, more, more" as Gabriel debauches him on the hood of the Impala.
NC-17, word count: 1121


Thursday and the Morningstar - When Castiel is mojo-zapped into Lucifer's arms, he discovers what the Devil's hands can do. (for Rounds of Kink, round 16)
NC-17, word count: 1324


A Muscle Car Scorned - Dean and Castiel are getting up to some obscene shenanigans in the back of the Impala. She does not approve (told from her perspective).
R, word count: 728

As I Might Think of Daybreak - "In the grey silence that lies between the darkness and the dawn, Dean watched the figure sleeping beside him and wondered how a world about to end could be so peaceful."
R, word count: 607

How the Light Gets In - 6.13 coda that stomps all over the beginning of 6.14 and throws in smut for good measure. (and by smut, I mean rough sex against a wall, featuring angry, toppy BAMF!Cas)
NC-17, word count: 2037

Let Me Be Your Armor - Demon-blood-soaked Dean is hurting. Space-invading Castiel knows exactly how to make it better. Set in the 5.04 'verse two years before the events of that episode.
R, word count: 1309

Lullaby - Disturbed Dean is disturbed, and having nightmares out the wazoo. Protective Cas is protective, and watches him while he sleeps...
PG-13, word count: 1748

Mojo Pin - Wings, a reunion, requited lust, and a whole lotta love. (for Rounds of Kink, round 16)
NC-17, word count: 2400

No Illusions in the Way - Dean walks in on Castiel with his wings out. Adorable shenanigans and sexy-times ensue, complete with handprint kink, virgin!Castiel, protective!Dean, Enochian, and a little hit of grace. (Casfest fic, written for heavenlyxbodies)
NC-17, word count: 3001

Payback's a Winchester, aka Epic Douche (2/2) - The sequel to Brilliant Soul (Sam/Gabriel). In which Dean makes the automatic and correct assumption that the archangel and his baby brother are getting it on in/on/against the Impala, and gets his revenge.
NC-17, word count: 779

Such an Almighty Sound - After the events of 4.10, an irate Castiel ties Dean to a chair and gives him a lesson in angel-powers using his voice, his grace, and Russian literature.
R, word count: 1008

Sweeter than Heaven and Hotter than Hell - A knife, a switch, and a hit of angel-blood.
R/NC-17, word count: 393

Tear Down My Reason - In which Cas is tied up, blindfolded, and puts on a show for Dean. Dean likes it.
NC-17, word count: 542

Touched by a Vessel (Touched 1/3) - Cas discovers erections, masturbation, and just how good Dean looks in a sweat-soaked white wifebeater. Sam discovers the meaning of trauma.
NC-17, word count: 2406

Touched by a Winchester (Touched 2/3) - In which Dean walks in on Castiel doing some downright un-angelic things on Dean's bed and takes matters into his own hands.
NC-17, word count: 1033

Hand to God (Touched 3/3) - to be written

Worse Punishments than Damnation (Worse Punishments 1/3) - Angry Dean, "I-dragged-you-out-of-hell-and-I-can-throw-you-back" Cas, and pure, unadulterated filth.
NC-17, word count: 2176

Mine (Worse Punishments 2/3) - In which ragingly possessive BAMF!Cas knows that Dean has been a bad, bad boy, debauches him within an inch of his life, and takes him for his own.
NC-17, word count: 3010

Power(less) (Worse Punishments 3/3) - to be written

(You and Me Could Write a) Rad Bromance - During episode 5.08, Dean and Sam find Cas stuck in a Lady Gaga music video. Shenanigans ensue.
NC-17, word count: 1745


Sweet Surprise - Gabriel has a fixation on Dean's mouth, so he does what any rational, self-respecting nigh-omnipotent being with dishonorable intentions would do - turns himself into a piece of pie so he can do some up-close and personal perving on those luscious lips. (gulf_aid_now charity fic for morganoconner)
R, word count: 1686


Your Cruel Device (Samifer/Gabriel) - In which Lucifer tricks the trickster and the former lovers discuss their differences and resolve their issues in a rational and constructive manner that leads to a lot of personal growth.
And by that, I mean angry, angsty, bitey, filthy porn happens, with stripping and a lap dance on the side.
NC-17, word count: 1261


Only You That I Do - Michael and Samael (Lucifer) come together for the first time in Paradise, thousands of years before the creation of humanity and the Morningstar's subsequent fall.
(Loverman chapter 1, can be read as a stand-alone)
R, word count: 1580

Silence for Dummies - Lucifer finally figures out a way to shut his big brother up.
R, word count: 1224


Put Your Lights On - The darkness in Sam isn't strong enough to withstand an angel's grace.
R, word count: 1038

The Shyness that is Criminally Vulgar - Castiel falls. Castiel needs. Sam gives. Sam takes. (5.04/canon hybrid AU, set two years before the events of 5.04)
NC-17, word count: 2002

The Unicorn's Guide to Tactical Distraction - Sam, Castiel, a trickster, another trickster disguised as a unicorn, and sex pollen. (gulf_aid_now charity fic for misura)
NC-17, word count: 1383


Lie Back and Let Me Unlock You - Bored out of his mind after being stuck in a tiny town for two weeks, Dean starts plotting to get his virgin brother laid. A few days later, things take an unexpected turn.
NC-17, word count: 4245


Brilliant Soul (1/2) - cavity-inducing stargazing/marriage proposal schmoop.
Sequel: Payback's a Winchester (Dean/Castiel)
PG-13, word count: 556

I'll Get Him Hot, Show Him What I've Got - Filthy, nasty, shameless, brain-rotting PWP featuring voyeur!Sammy, everyone's favorite hedonist archangel, and plenty of hand action.
NC-17, word count: 898

My North, My South, My East, My West - In the wake of the events of 5.14, Sam is dying in Bobby's panic room. In a desperate, last-ditch effort to save the younger Winchester, Castiel asks Gabriel for help. The trickster-archangel agrees. What follows is a tale of a brutal struggle, salvation, and redemption.
R, word count: 1919

The Only Place That You've Left To Go - Lovers are reunited after the events of 5.19 and 5.22, but there's something different about Sam.
PG-13, word count: 1327

The Repairman Always Comes Twice - Changing Channels, Casa Erotica Film Noir edition. Sam is a single white girl in the city, working as a secretary for a detective agency. Gabriel comes to fix his phone and his sexual inhibitions. The players are hot and the action is hotter in this steamy edition of the infamous adult series.
NC-17, word count: 2508

Twenty Questions - Sam wakes up tied to a bed. Gabriel wants to play a little game. Sam gets a happy ending.
R, word count: 2321


The Darkest Song of Starlight - In which Sam and Lucifer face off, and Lucifer is full of surprises and wings.
NC-17, word count: 887

Perish Twice (1/5) - The Devil runs cold, and craves warmth. Sam Winchester runs hot, and craves peace.
R, word count: 1492

What I've Tasted of Desire (Perish Twice 2/5) - In which the Morningstar drops in for another visit, and gives Sam a taste of grace.
R, word count: 1513

I Think I Know Enough of Hate (Perish Twice 3/5) - Sam's sudden silence draws Lucifer to him, and when he finds the flame-hot soul he needs guttering out, the Devil shows some sympathy.
PG, word count: 1674

Fire and Ice (Perish Twice 4/5) - The Devil's at the door, seeking domination. Sam proves his strength, and shows him that you've got to, got to try a little tenderness. and then really important stuff happens.
NC-17, word count: 2141

Some Say the World Will End (Perish Twice 5/5) - Revelations, realizations, aftermaths, angst, and a sacrifice
R, word count: 1422

Frost (Perish Twice epilogue) - The fates of Sam, the Morningstar, and the world.
PG, word count: 452

Time Enough For Love (Perish Twice time-stamp/resolution) - set 50 years after the Perish Twice epilogue
PG-13, word count: 2155, word count for entire series: 10845

Schmoop Bingo 2010 masterpost - this is a continuation of the little series that started with Brilliant Soul and Payback's a Winchester, featuring Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, and Bobby/Crowley.
Fics completed: 18/27, none awaiting posting.
G to NC-17, total word count for all completed chapters: 18098

When Daddy's Away, the Angels Will Play - a quartet of very dirty Supernatural limericks, featuring Dean/Cas, Cas/Lucifer, and Sam/Gabriel

The multitude of pairings I ship, and will probably end up writing sometime between now and eventually. This list is somewhat out of date, but will give you a decent idea of what I'm about.

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